Alma White
I circled the local yoga studio for about two years before taking my first class. I'd go in, get information about classes, prices, schedules, walk out, and then I'd do it all over again a few months later. I couldn't bring myself to commit and yet I felt the allure of something potentially powerful. I was so sure of it, I bought a subscription to Yoga Journal (that I didn't understand all)! I had all the reasons not to start: I had a full life, I was busy raising two small babies, and frankly this new endeavor sounded like an expensive undertaking. But, there was that siren call and so I decided to take the plunge. As predicted I fell totally in love. In all fairness, even though I have always loved it I haven't always liked it. To my biggest delight, this incredibly deep physical practice has given me context, a much larger frame to hold up to the moments in my life when I feel less than capable or graceful. It renders a profound appreciation for joy, laughter, community, and yes, even the challenging moments. When I hold those moments up to the light, when I frame them in the fullness of my life, they provide beauty and texture. The challenging moments create resilience, clarity, honesty, and hopefully a bit of humility. What I wish to give my students is both a consistent challenge and a space where they can find context - a place where honest reflecting, bigger picture thinking, and empowered actions are our responsibility and joy.

Christianne   Christianne Valdes
Yoga and Ayurveda, the hands through which I receive my ‘Spacious Embrace’. As my breath moves me through Yoga, my body is realigned. This mindful practice sets me free as it encourages me to rediscover the ‘space’ beyond my perceived limitations. Nature’s reliable and user friendly road map to healthy living, Ayurveda, guides me in the direction of common sense. Thanks to these two ancient “sister sciences”, I live a significantly more interesting life, my body is healthier than it has ever been and my heart knows now what it means to be at peace.
Kristine   Kiki Zheng
I found yoga in my hometown of Shanghai and began my journey of being an avid student of yoga, I am motivated by the direct change that my practice has brought to my life both physically and mentally. After moving to Los Angles in 2009, inspired by my beloved teachers, I decided to embark on the life long journey of sharing my passion for yoga. I teach a flow yoga class with clear and specific alignment instructions. I hope to create a safe space to help build awareness of ones full potential. In my classes my hope is that my students leave with a deeper level of comfort within their own skin by staying true to their own essence.
Tanya   Janet Ottersberg
I truly believe that we have lessons to learn from all of our experiences in this lifetime, good and bad. My yoga journey has shown me that pain is not our enemy but our guide, if we are willing to listen. It was pain that lead me to my yoga practice, and pain that helped me to see the connection of our emotional body to the physical body. The beauty of yoga practice is that, it is just that, a practice, in which we are in this ebb and flow of living. The yoga gives us the tools to ride the wave with grace and peace in our heart knowing that the wave will break and there will be another one to follow. My career has allowed me the honor to work with people in all ages and stages of living. In giving my students the tools of this practice, it is important to me that people understand how accessible this practice is to everybody and to lead my students in the journey of using their yoga practice as a tool for connecting to their inner joy.
Tanya   Monica Muñiz
I can’t believe it was 14 years ago that I stepped into my first yoga class, but I will never forget that day… I can rarely pinpoint the exact moment when an internal shift happens, but that day was one of those moments for me. Halfway through a sweaty and almost eternal hot yoga class I found myself taking refuge in my breath and actually enjoying the feeling of victoriously sweet surrender that came after every pose I attempted. Suddenly I heard a whisper deep within in me, in the most honest, clearest voice I can remember, saying “this is what I need”. That was the beginning of what would become my practice and eventually lead me to get the chance to meet, learn and study with some of the most inspiring and amazing people one could ever know. I am forever grateful to the myriad teachers that have been caring and patient enough to help me along each step of the way. As a yoga teacher, my wish is to offer a space in which students feel supported and safe to explore their own little corner of the universe and to listen to their own innermost wisdom. My classes tend to be like me, sometimes quiet, but most times loud and hopefully sometimes a little funny!
Tanya   Tanya Wheeler
I am inspired by life itself and it is the practice of yoga that continually shows me that my life experience is ripe and juicy with potential. Yoga leads me into ever-deeping expansive expression and understanding of myself and this world. This inspiration and practice of yoga brings to my classes a dynamic, playful curiosity and a creative fluidity which draws students into exploring their own inherent strength. In my classes, together we help develop a space where the practice becomes a moving contemplation of life itself. So come join me and PLUNGE into grace itself.

* Tanya is also the Studio Manager at Yogacove.